Health Coaching - Optimize diet, exercise, and sleep - 90 min.

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We often know what we need to do in order to improve our health. So why don't we do it? Or why do we go all-in sometimes but then end up going back to our old ways? Changing habits is tricky. It's helps to find a flexible structure that really fits your needs in the long run, so you are able to stick with it long-term and enjoy the benefits. It takes some time and sometimes help from outside to map out an optimal individual plan of which daily actions are needed to ensure that we move towards our health goals in the right pace. Create your own blueprint for how you will reach your goal in this in-depth action oriented health workshop. You will also get the most fundamental and effective health and nutrition insights that leading researchers are agreeing on, so you can implement some of these into your life. Health and nutrition is often simple, but not always easy - especially with a lot of contradicting information out there. I will do my best to uncover the most useful information, keep it simple, and create an overview of how you can apply it to your life to become more energized and balanced day by day. This event can be booked both as a group or a 1-1 session.


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