Journaling Workshop - Increasing self-awareness through guided reflection

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Do you sometimes wish you understood yourself better, so you could make better decisions or you could be more in control of your thoughts and emotions? Or do you crave some clarity around important decisions in your life or wish to make some kind of change, but you're not sure what? In this 60 min. unique, free yet guided space, you have the opportunity to get to know yourself better through powerful journaling exercises. We will explore deeper questions together that I will explain and guide, which can help us move towards our goals or visions in our lives. Looking at your own thoughts, emotions, beliefs, actions, and patterns can give you valuable insights that can lead to personal transformation. When we increase our awareness through journaling, we can practice living with more intention and more consciously create our reality and manifest what we truly wish for. All exercises are done individually and in your own journal, and we will not be sharing our reflections. However, you are welcome to ask any questions along the way, and I am also happy to listen to any insights that might want to be shared. With my background in coaching, I have a grounded approach that brings insights down to reality, so you gain clarity on how you can implement what you learn into your life. This event can be booked both as a group or a 1-1 session.


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