Optimize how you work from home and effectively unwind and let go after work

af Stine Glem

In this workshop, we will uncover tools and tactics to improve the way you work from home, so you can enjoy the satisfaction of getting things done effectively and enjoy your free time with a relaxed mind. Whether you're employed or want to get more done when working on your own projects, you can learn to stay focused, avoid distractions, finish tasks, and optimize your energy throughout the day. I will break down helpful habits that can change the way you structure your day in order to create your best work flow and utilize your energy wisely. Also, I will share useful tips on how you can flip the switch and let go of everything work related once you are done, so that you can be fully present and enjoy your free time and/or connect with family or friends. There will be individual reflection and journaling exercises throughout the workshop to make sure you know how to implement what you learn to your life. At the end, there will also be time for questions and group discussion. There will be breaks along the way as well in this 2 hour workshop :-) This event can be booked both as a group or a 1-1 session.


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