Slow vinyasa and hatha yoga - open for all levels of experience - 90 minutes

af Stine Glem

Relax and recharge with a mix of flowy vinyasa and slow hatha yoga. Enjoy the inner peace and presence that arises by focusing your attention to your breath and body, and increasing your conscious awareness. Experience your body becoming stronger, more flexible, and balanced, which can give you more mobility, stability and physical freedom in your body. Through meditation and some breathwork we focus our attention to the present moment, increase our awareness, and let go of thoughts and worries that can overshadow the loud mind. We practice letting our breath guide us through the postures and feeling a deeper connection to our bodies. Anyone can join this holistic yoga class, and alternative postures can be given at anytime if needed. I also will gladly accept any requests at the beginning of the class, if you have something you'd like to work with. Don't hesitate to bring any ideas or thoughts - there will be time enough to go a bit deeper and explore both our bodies and minds together in this safe and sacred space. This is a unique opportunity for you to really connect with yourself, as well as with other like-minded people to the extent you are comfortable with. This event can be booked both as a group or a 1-1 session.


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