Sign up as a Teamify service provider

Do you offer a service that help companies with remote team building? Do you want to offer your events to others? Are you a yoga instructor, quizmaster, sommelier, team builder, mental or physical coach, singer or maybe a magician? Offer all Teamify users your knowledge by creating one or more events. Right now, a lot of companies are ready to book online events for team building or a good virtual bar for the upcomming friday.

Sign up for a free account, tell us about yourself and your merits, then create your events so all Teamify users can find and book you. Set a price and wait for inquiries. If you speak the right languages, you may even be booked across national borders.

There are no monthly fees on your account and you will receive 90% of the amount the customer pays for your service. The 10% we charge is a fee for the platform and for marketing.